Roof Maintenance Contracts

Cincinnati and Louisville Commercial Roof Maintenance Programs

Roof repair and maintenance is the single most important investment a property manager, building owner, or facility manager can make to extend the life of their roof system and protect their roofing assets. Although it is often neglected after installation, several roof system components need to be inspected and maintained after a roof is installed.

Roof maintenance and inspection programs make good business sense for property owners and facility managers. Many roof systems are managed in a reactive manner, as leaks are repaired after the damage has occurred to the roof or the interior of the building. To achieve longer roof life and reduced repair costs, a preventative maintenance contract is recommended.

A roofing system is a valuable asset that needs to be protected. A commercial roofing system contains three key components – the roof deck, rigid insulation, and the membrane. Fewer of these components will require repair if a leak is detected early. Data collected by Firestone Building Products over a 15 year period revealed that roof maintenance costs are $0.14 per square foot for buildings with a proactive maintenance program. Maintenance costs skyrocket to $0.25 per square foot when a roof maintenance program is not in place.

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3 Reasons for a Preventative Roof Maintenance Program:

    1. Maintaining a roof system BEFORE leaks occur is half the cost of repairing it later.
    2. Roofing Manufacturers require it for roof warranties.
    3. Preventative maintenance extends the service life of the roof system.

Commercial roof systems can be repaired or maintained either proactively or reactively. Reactive roof management does not include a preventive maintenance program and roofing professionals are generally only called after leaks are discovered. According to a 15-year study by Firestone Building Products, this type of roof maintenance program costs approximately twice as much as a preventative roof maintenance approach. The National Roofing Contractors Association recommends that preventative roof maintenance occur at least twice a year. Furthermore, most roofing manufacturers require maintenance for the duration of the roof system warranty. Lastly, proactive roof maintenance and repair programs will extend the service life of a roof system by as much as 45%.

 Average Maintenance CostsAverage Lifespan
Roofs without Maintenance Contracts$0.25 per sqft13 years
Roofs with Maintenance$0.14 per sqft 21 years
Commercial maintenance program

Most material manufacturers’ warranties require the owner to periodically inspect and perform maintenance to their roofing system. The Deer Park Roofing staff provides comprehensive roof inspections by qualified individuals as part of our preventative maintenance contract. A typical maintenance program involves the following services:

  • Clean all Roof Drains, Scuppers, and Gutters
  • Clean Roof Areas where Ponding Water Accumulates
  • Repair all membrane damage from punctures
  • Inspection of all Flashings at penetrations and curbs, including Walls, Pipes, and Skylights
  • Inspection of all Seams and Expansion Joints in the field of the roof
  • Resecure any loose Sheet Metal, Gutters, or Downspouts
  • Apply Caulk to Roof Areas as needed
  • Priority Service for Roof Emergencies
  • Thermal Scan of Roof System to detect water infiltration (available at additional charge)
Commercial maintenance
An Infrared Roof Inspection is available with our maintenance contract at a discounted rate.

To inquire about pricing or request more information about a Deer Park Roofing, Inc. maintenance contracts, please email us.

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