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Deck Project

Old Deck
This is a photo of the deck that was removed.
Water Proofing
A new deck is being installed with the goal of achieving a water proof bottom patio with hidden gutters and downspouts.
Wood Frame
The entire deck project was designed by Deer Park Roofing, Inc.
An .060 EPDM membrane was fully adhered to the surface of the upper deck.
Flashings are installed to the perimeter of the membrane and along walls.
4"x4" pressure treated "sleepers" are placed on TPO padding and the membrane. Fasteners are not applied through the 4x4´s and the membrane.
The composite decking is installed with hidden fasteners securing them to the 4x4´s. Fasteners once again do not penetrate the EPDM membrane.
Gutter and Downspout
A gutter and downspout are installed. The gutter and downspout will be concealed when the project is complete.
The underside of the deck is watertight, allowing bead board, lights, speakers, and even a ceiling fan to be installed to the area below the deck.