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As a Residential and Commercial roofing company, we provide information about roof system design and installation best practices. We inform our customers about products and services including Roofing, Gutters, Insulation, Masonry, and Sheet Metal.

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Deer Park Roofing University Training Center

Several challenges exist for roofing contractors and construction professionals in the Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky areas today. These challenges include a lack of skilled workers and an aging workforce. Our management team has witnessed a steady decline in workmanship in the construction industry as a whole over the last decade. Many qualified foremen in our trade are aging and youth participation is almost nonexistent. In an effort to educate new roofing professionals and encourage youth participation, the Deer Park Roofing University training center was established by our management team.

The Deer Park Roofing, Inc. training center was constructed in 2013 in an effort to educate industry professionals on best practices for residential and commercial roofing. The training center enables our staff to achieve the following:

  • Improve roof system design among industry professionals (the center is not limited to Deer Park Roofing employees)
  • Improve the safety training experience of our staff
  • Improve installation techniques by our staff
  • Improve roof system inspection practices by industry professionals
  • Promote professionalism in the roofing industry by conducting educational classes for Property Managers, Realtors, Home Inspectors, and other professionals who work with roofing contractors
  • Encourage youth participation in the roofing industry by educating vocational and construction management students and raising awareness of career opportunities with Deer Park Roofing
  • Improve new employee orientation procedures and ensure proper placement of new hires depending on their craftsmanship that they demonstrate in our training center
  • Demonstrate Deer Park Roofing’s commitment to quality to our customers

A Deer Park Roofing employee demonstrates best roofing practices for installing wooden shingles.

Our training center prepares our employees to deliver consistent performances for all customers. Training programs are designed in conjunction with our Integrated Project Management System and emphasis is placed on the following:

  1. Roof System Design
  2. Hands on Installation Practices
  3. Roof System Inspections
  4. Roof System Maintenance
  5. Product and Workmanship Warranties

Classes that are currently scheduled for industry professionals that are not Deer Park Roofing, Inc. employees include, Roof Asset Management (for Property Managers), Roofing 101 (for Realtors), Career Opportunities for Construction Professionals (for Vocational School and Construction Management students), and Inspection of Residential Roofing Systems (for Home Inspectors). For more information about our training programs, click here to contact us.

Nick presents about modern day roofing practices.

Nick teaching students about high quality roofing practices.