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Why is Insulation Important?

Properly installed attic insulation is a vital component of any roofing system. Attics that are properly insulated will prevent common roof problems such as ice dams, condensation, and mold growth in the attic. Attic inspections performed by our staff often reveal deficiencies in the roof system due to inadequate amounts of insulation or improperly installed insulation.

Increasing the levels of insulation in your attic has several benefits. Your home will be more comfortable year-round and savings on energy costs could be as high as 20%. As energy costs increase, so do your savings. Deer Park Roofing has highly trained installers who understand the importance of attic insulation in relation to your roofing system.

Poor Insulation Can Lead to Long Term Damage

Poor insulation can lead to ice dams. Snow melts on your roof but refreezes on the roofline. This can cause water to leak through because it becomes trapped on the roof. Water damage can be very costly and difficult to repair.

Call Deer Park Roofing’s insulation experts to come to perform an inspection on your home to fix these issues before they cost you tons of time and money.

Proper Insulation Can Save You Thousands

If you notice icicles forming on the edge of your roof, this is a strong sign that your home is not properly insulated. This could mean that you are spending potentially thousands of more dollars a year than necessary because heat is easily escaping your home. Properly installed insulation can save you thousands on your heating and cooling bills.

Deer Park Roofing’s insulation team are experts in installing the best insulation to increase the efficiency of your home.