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Shingle Recycling Program

Something New to Recycle – Your Old Roof

Deer Park Roofing is doing everything we can to reduce our carbon footprint and develop sustainable practices, including asphalt shingle recycling. Landfills everywhere are overflowing with construction debris and recycling an old roof is the equivalent to eliminating more than a year’s worth of household waste. Deer Park Roofing was the first Cincinnati – Northern Kentucky contractor to take the Owens Corning Shingle Recycling Pledge. We pledge to recycle the shingles from your roof while at the same time providing you with a new high-quality roof system that is built to last.

Asphalt shingles are the most common roofing material used in the Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky areas. Shingles contain asphalt and aggregate which are both valuable resources. New technology has allowed for old roofing shingles to be ground down, recycled, and reused in asphalt paving. Deer Park Roofing is an industry leader and was the first to recycle at the Heritage Environmental Facility in Cincinnati. Our alliance with Heritage Environmental and Owens Corning gives us the ability to take roofing materials that would have been sent to a landfill and reuse it in roads. Deer Park Roofing has received a tremendous amount of positive feedback from homeowners since the inception of this program in 2011. Some homeowners have told us that the reason they chose us to install their new roof was due to our shingle recycling efforts.

Deer Park Roofing was the first company to use the Shingle Recycling Center in Cincinnati in 2011.

When the old shingles are removed from your roof they are separated from other roofing debris such as wood and metal. (The metal is also recycled). The old asphalt shingles are then loaded in a dump truck that transports them to the Heritage Shingle Recycling Centers which is conveniently located within city limits, near our jobsites, and near one of our roofing material distributers. At the recycling center, the old shingles are tested for asbestos. If asbestos is not present in the shingles, they are cleaned and all debris (including nails) is removed. Asbestos and debris free asphalt singles are then moved into processing. The old shingles are sent through a grinder and become RAS or Recycled Asphalt Shingles. The RAS is then incorporated into asphalt paving to make roads and parking lots.

Deer Park Roofing, Inc President Nick Sabino Spoke at the Fourth Annual Shingle Recycling Forum in Dallas, TX in 2011. He also discussed the program with members of Congress on Capitol Hill in 2010.

The recycling centers are gaining traction in most parts of the country. They are located in town instead and near our office whereas the landfills are typically located in rural areas. This makes our roofing operations more efficient as our crews spend less time on the road and more time on the roof. Asphalt shingle recycling in the Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky area costs the same or slightly less than dumping in a landfill.

For more information about Deer Park Roofing, Inc.’s asphalt shingle recycling efforts, contact us by clicking here.


Eco Facts

20% of the shingles torn off a roof are made up of valuable petroleum-based asphalt. If you filled trucks up with all of that asphalt each year the line of trucks would stretch from Tallahassee, FL to Indianapolis, IN. That’s a long road trip.

88 million tons of waste from construction, renovation or demolition is sent to our landfills each year. 13.2 million tons of that waste is estimated to be shingles.

596,902 tons of shingles so far have been recycled through the Shingle Recycling Program. This is a nationwide effort that Deer Park Roofing has been involved in planning, implementing, and sponsoring.

Learn more about the Owens Corning Shingle Recycling Program »

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