Why Choose Deer Park Roofing

Why Choose Deer Park Roofing, Cincinnati’s Roofer of Choice?

Industry-Leading Project Management

DPR has always made an effort to improve our processes and procedures as they involve the customer experience. Our Comprehensive Project Management involves the following areas of emphasis:

    • Design – Poor design is the number one cause for roof system failures. Deer Park Roofing has an extensive library of training materials that are used to prepare our staff to specify a roof system that will perform over a long period of time.
    • Installation – Deer Park Roofing Employees are trained on roofing industry best practices, including soldering metal flashings. In an effort to maintain high standards in the roofing industry, our staff constructed the Deer Park Roofing University training facility.
    • Inspection – Full-time field inspectors ensure roofing, gutter, and insulation projects are installed correctly from the start. Field inspectors and superintendents increase the quality of craftsmanship in an effort to ensure durability.
    • Maintenance – Roof Systems that are properly maintained can have a 35% increase in longevity over a roof system that is not maintained. Our staff designs maintenance programs for all types of roof systems to reduce life cycle costs for our customers.
    • Warranty – Warranty Services vary from contractor to contractor. Warranty issues at Deer Park Roofing receive immediate attention and are placed at the top of our list of priorities. Our staff of over 60 employees is responsive and ensures warranty issues are hassle-free. As part of the Owens Corning Platinum Contractor network, we are able to offer 50 Year Material and Workmanship warranties on most residential projects. Commercial warranties are available up to 30 years. For information about our residential roof systems, follow the link to our Total Protection Roofing System.

Deer Park Roofing, Inc. is a local ROOFING company.

The trend in the roofing industry today is for companies to relocate when a storm causes widespread roof damage to a particular region. Our staff is available to service your needs every day, not just when a storm blows through town. You will enjoy the peace of mind that your roof was installed or repaired by an actual roofing company instead of a business that specializes in creating or negotiating an insurance claim.

Deer Park Roofing, Inc. has a state of the art and industry-leading roofing training center.

Performing at a high level in the roofing industry today requires knowledge and a detailed skill set. Our training center was designed to meet these needs and enables us to train our employees in both an online classroom environment, through the NRCA’s “Training for Roof Application Careers” (TRAC) program and through our in-house training facilities for hands-on training as well.


Deer Park Roofing, Inc. is an Award Winning Company.

Deer Park Roofing is the recipient of several industry awards. We are also rated as an A+ Business by the Better Business Bureau and are a 3 Star Velux Skylight Certified Installer. Deer Park Roofing has also won the following national awards:

    • 8 Straight Angie’s List Super Service Awards
    • Industry Innovation Award in 2011
    • Industry Stewardship Award in 2012-2018
    • Owens Corning Safety Innovation Award 2019
    • Firestone Inner Circle of Quality Award 2019
    • Owens Corning Platinum MVP Award 2020
    • Cincinnati Top Workplace 2019-2020
Deer Park Roofing Awards

Deer Park Roofing, Inc. an Industry Leader on a National Level.

Deer Park Roofing President Nick Sabino served as Chairman of the Board of the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) from 2019-2020 and has been a member of the International Roofing Expo Advisory Board since 2014.


Deer Park Roofing’s sheet metal fabrication shop sets us apart from our competitors.

The products that we fabricate comply with building codes and are made from domestically manufactured metals. We eliminate the labor and material mark-up from distribution and deliver a high-quality product to our customers. Our metals are custom fabricated to conform to the contours of each individual roofing system.


Deer Park Roofing, Inc. is an Owens Corning Platinum Preferred Contractor (as well as a Firestone Master Contractor).

Customers are typically at ease when they hire a contractor who is considered ‘Elite’ by America’s #1 shingle manufacturer. Only a handful of roofing companies in the country have achieved Platinum Preferred status.


Phone calls will be answered by a staff member.

An actual person is better suited to respond to your needs than a voicemail system.


Relationships with Manufacturers are important.

Deer Park Roofing has GREAT relationships with all the major manufacturers in our industry. This benefits our customers in a variety of ways, including pricing and warranty issues.


Deer Park Roofing has an impeccable reputation.

Our installers, estimators, and administrative staff are courteous and professional. Our goal is to provide each customer with ELITE customer service, regardless of the size of the job.


Deer Park Roofing, Inc. is financially stable.

Most roofing projects are big investments – choose a company that will be around for the long term. Deer Park Roofing, Inc. has over 130 employees, 80 service vehicles, and 3 office buildings.


Deer Park Roofing, Inc. is Competitively Priced.

We are able to deliver a competitive price due to our large volume of roof installations and operating efficiencies. We have great relationships with our distributors and extend the savings to our customers.


Insurance Certificates are supplied with each proposal to ensure customer protection.

Deer Park Roofing is fully insured and bonded. We have Bureau of Workers Compensation policies in both Ohio and Kentucky. We also have errors and omissions insurance which is an added layer of protection for our customers in the event of material failure, faulty workmanship, or improper design.


Experience matters when it comes to your roof. 

Our experienced staff will ensure that your project is a success. We have dozens of employees with over 20 years of experience in the roofing and customer service industry.

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