Total Protection Roofing System

Total Protection Roofing System

It takes more than shingles to protect your home. It takes an integrated system of components and layers designed to help perform in three critical areas.


  • SEAL Helps create a water-proof barrier
  • DEFEND Helps protect against nature’s elements
  • BREATHE For balanced attic ventilation
Total protection roofing system

Helps Create a Water-Proof Barrier

Block water resulting from ice damming, wind-driven rains and normal water flow. A properly sealed roof helps prevent rot and mold.

Ice & Water Barriers

Ice & Water Barriers

Designed to protect the roof where water tends to collect, including valleys, vents, chimneys, and skylights.


Underlayment products are the final line of defense between the home and the elements. Underlayment products help block water from the roof deck and out of the home to help prevent rot, mold, and water damage.

Help Protect Against Nature’s Elements

Add a tough, yet beautiful layer of defense with strong adhesion that resists blow offs and helps shed water away from the roof deck. Helps protect the most vulnerable areas such as eaves and peaks.

Starter Shingles

Starter Shingles

Their continuous sealant bead helps Defend against blow-offs and water infiltration in vulnerable areas of the roof.


Shingles not only serve as the first layer of defense against the forces of nature, they also help define the character of the home. Shingles act as a star player in curb appeal for your customers, and Owens Corning Roofing offers a wide range of shapes, sizes, and color choices.
Hip & Ridge Shingles

Hip & Ridge Shingles

Hip & Ridge shingles provide a finished look to the roof’s peak while helping to Defend the ridge vent. We offer a full line of Hip & Ridge products that are compatible with all Owens Corning shingles.

Reduces heat and moisture buildup that can lead to ice damming, roof deterioration, and mold infestation. This helps air flow through the attic to manage temperature and moisture.

Intake Ventilation

Intake Ventilation

Intake vents, which are located at the down-slope edge of the roof (eaves), allow fresh air into the attic.
Exhaust Ventilation

Exhaust Ventilation

Exhaust vents, which are located near or on the ridgeline of the roof, allow air to leave the attic.

A durable and long-lasting roof system begins with a good design. Deer Park Roofing, Inc. specializes in both design and installation of your new roof system. The following 10 layers of protection are an important part of the long term performance of your roof system:

    1. Intake Ventilation – Soffit or eave vents are easy to overlook but are a vital component to the success of your roof ventilation system. When (hot or moist) air is exhausted out of your roof, it must be replaced with cool air from your intake vents. When attic temperatures are the same temperature as the outside air, thermal expansion and contraction of your roof system is minimized. Expansion and contraction of the roof deck is the leading cause of nail pops and causes premature roof failure. Learn More about ventilation.
    2. Ice and Water Guard – should be installed around chimneys, at the eaves, around skylights, and under valley metal to protect your roof system from ice dams. Ice dams occur when heat from your living space escapes into the attic and causes the roof deck to be warmer than the outside air. When temperatures are below freezing, the snow will melt over the main part of the house and re-freeze along the gutters. Ice and water guard adheres directly to the roof deck to prevent water infiltration in areas that are vulnerable to ice dams.
    3. Underlayment – is an added layer of waterproofing protection when wind-driven rain occurs. Number 30 felt paper is a slip-resistant underlayment that should be used on residential structures to ensure the Class A fire rating of the roof system.
    4. Starter Shingles – prevent wind damage on the perimeter of your roof. The roof is susceptible to more wind uplift on the perimeter as compared to the field of the roof. Starter shingles were engineered by the shingle manufacturers in an effort to strengthen wind resistance and should be installed on every new roof.
    5. Owens Corning TruDefinition Duration Shingles – Deer Park Roofing, Inc. will specify this industry-leading shingle that will withstand winds up to 130 mph with only 4 nails. The TruDef Duration shingles contain a patented SureNail Strip – an embedded mesh fabric that prevents nails from blowing through the shingles during installation. The SureNail strip also prevents shingles from pulling back up through the nails during high winds. Learn More about Owens Corning Shingles here.
    6. Flashings – are replaced on all new roof installations. Ohio and Kentucky Building Codes require steel valley flashings to be at least 26 gauge. All flashings should be replaced when a new roof is installed. Deer Park Roofing solders our flashings to ensure they will remain watertight as long as the other parts of the roofing system. Learn More about flashing here.
    7. Exhaust Ventilation – will extend the life of your roof system by minimizing the effects of thermal expansion and contraction on your roof system. Shingle over ridge vents are the most effective type of exhaust vents and are ideal for most roof systems. Exhaust vents help prevent condensation by allowing warm air to escape the attic space during the winter months. Click here to learn more about ventilation
    8. Attic Insulation – makes your home more comfortable but also prevents roof problems like ice dams and condensation. A good thermal boundary is an important component of each roof system. Click here to for more information about attic insulation.
    9. Quality Assurance –supervisors provide training and support to our installers to ensure a durable finished product. Supervisors significantly reduce workmanship issues and help our roofers in the field continuously improve their skills.
    10. Warranty Services – The 5 year workmanship warranty from Deer Park Roofing is much better than the industry standard in terms of our response time and solutions. Our staff of over 130 employees will prioritize any workmanship claim within 24 hours. An (extended) 50 year workmanship warranty is also available from a Fortune 500 company (Owens Corning) since Deer Park Roofing, Inc. is a Platinum Preferred Contractor. Please contact a staff member for more information.

Designing Spaces – Choosing the Right Roofing System

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