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Mold in Attic

A close examination of the photo above reveals large amounts of mold on the underside of the roof sheathing.

What caused the mold and why did it thrive in this attic space?

1. The insulation was improperly installed over the soffit vents, blocking air from entering the attic.
2. Three bathroom vents were depositing large amounts of moisture directly into the attic space.
3. The ridge vent was not installed properly. Felt paper was covering the opening at the ridge, trapping the moisture in the attic.

How was this problem discovered?

A routine inspection of the attic by a Deer Park Roofing sales associate revealed this problem. The homeowner in this case received other estimates for roof work that did not address this problem. The importance of a thorough roof inspection and evaluation cannot be overemphasized.

What was done to correct the problem?

1. The roofing materials and roof sheathing were completely removed.
2. The soffit vents were cleared of insulation so they could properly function.
3. New roof sheathing was installed to the entire house.
4. The bathroom vents were re-installed to exit through the roof instead of into the attic space.
5. Hip and ridge vents were properly installed to allow moisture to escape the attic space.
Hip roofs can be difficult to ventilate since the ridge area is small. The use of a power vent or Hip & Ridge vents is recommended on these style houses.

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