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The Comprehensive Commercial Roof Service and Maintenance Solution.

At Deer Park Roofing, we're proud to be an integral part of an elite network of roofing professionals within Roofing Corp of America. Together, we have crafted RoofAdvantage 360, not just as a service but as a proactive strategy designed to maximize your roof's lifespan and performance.

Whether you're responsible for one facility or an extensive portfolio, RoofAdvantage 360 provides an efficient, consistent, and superior solution for your roofing needs. And with our sister companies across the country sharing our commitment, you can count on receiving the same level of excellence no matter where your properties are located. This is what sets us apart: we're not just delivering a service, we're offering the collective wisdom and excellence of some of the premier contractors in the industry.

Protecting Your Roof

and Everything it Protects.

We developed RoofAdvantage 360 to save you money and address all your roofing needs. Our services protect your roof, as well as the people, valuable inventory and equipment inside your building.

RoofAdvantage 360 includes four best-in-class services:


Defend 360

Roof Maintenance Program


Respond 360

Emergency Leak Repair


Restore 360

Roof Repair and Improvements


Report 360

Roof Inspection

shingle removal

Defend 360

Roof Maintenance Program

Get the most out of your roof asset with high-quality care and upkeep. Our professionals will regularly inspect and actively maintain your roof portfolio, provide detailed roof condition reports, and offer proactive solutions that put you in control and allow you to focus on other priorities.

Increase the useful life of your roof system and minimize total costs

Improve compliance and safety, and ensure priority leak response

Adhere to (and even extend) your manufacturer’s warranty

Respond 360

Emergency Leak Repair

Stop the leaks and minimize damage with our trained dispatch staff and professional field technicians. Available 24/7 to respond with urgency to emergency roof situations, Respond 360 will ease your mind knowing that you have the most trusted and reliable sources for roof service ready when you need them.

Partner with a contractor where roof service is a top priority

Get detailed communications and reports on all service visits and outcomes

Experience exceptional safety, cleanliness and care for your facility


Restore 360

Roof Repair and Improvements

A reliable partner to owners, manufacturers and designers, we repair, upgrade or improve failed or aging roof assets, bridging to long-term solutions. Our professional repair specifications and proposals are paired with safe installations to give you complete confidence in your roof.

Work with a team with proven capabilities in extending roof life

Manage, optimize and maintain your manufacturer’s warranty

Reduce or delay large capital expenditures

Report 360

Roof Inspection

Our experts will deliver an objective, thorough examination along with recommendations for repair and maintenance. Detailed condition assessments and experienced insights will uncover issues and areas of concern and help you prepare and budget for immediate and long-term needs.

Receive a detailed inspection report with photos and expert analysis

Find information your way through online portals and written reports

Access advanced roof analysis and evaluation tools


Cut the disruption, risk and headaches from commercial roof issues. RoofGuard 360 safeguards your roof, so you can tend to other challenges with the confidence that your roof is in the hands of skilled professionals.

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