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Residential Roof Repair or Replacement

Roof Leaks

Roof failures occur for a number of different reasons. The main reasons are poor design, installation errors, age of roof, and flashing defects. The most common types of failures are noticed in roof leaks. These are normally discovered when discoloration or staining appears on a ceiling or wall in your home. A roof inspection to determine the cause of the failure is vital in deciding whether a repair or replacement is necessary to resolve problem. In either scenario, providing a permanent solution to the issue is necessary to eliminate the roof leak from reoccurring.

Poor Design

A leading cause for roof failures in the United States is a poorly designed roof system. Each type of roof covering is designed to be installed and perform in a complimentary manner. For example, shingles are designed to function by shedding water from one course to the next. Shingles are not designed to be installed in low sloped or flat applications. If a roof slope has too low of a pitch and shingles are installed, water will not be able to properly shed onto the course below. This is common when wind-driven rain is also present.

Another common roofing design flaw is the type of valley detail that is specified to be installed on a house or building. Valleys are at angle changes on a roof that collect water and channel it to the gutters. There are two main types of valley installation styles that are used on a shingled roof. There are open metal valleys and closed shingle valleys. Open metal valleys are great due to their corrosion-resistant finishes and overall durability, but they cannot be used in every situation. If a roof has an exaggerated angle change from a steeper pitch to a lower pitch, an open metal valley can allow water to get under the shingles which can allow water to enter your home. In these types of instances, a closed shingle-style valley needs to be specified on your home. Knowing these details when designing the specifications for your roof system is extremely important in ensuring your roof will stay leak-free for years to come.

Dissimilar metals often interact negatively with each other, especially in roofing details. Using dissimilar metals can lead to premature failure or erosion of your roof system and its components. Learn more »

Installation Errors

Nail placement is one of the most common errors that roofers make when installing a roof. If nails are overdriven or do not hit the common bond line, shingles can fail prematurely. Using a shingle such as the Owens Corning TruDefinition Duration shingle with SureNail technology ensures that nails hit the right area every time.

The National Roofing Contractors Association have now launched a national certification program for roofing professionals giving homeowners peace of mind since the installer on their roof has been trained and tested to verify that that their skills are up to industry standards.

Roof flashings are usually the first to fail in a roof system. Beware of replacing a roof system that does not include replacing all flashings. A flashing detail is designed to keep water out of any point in the roof that has a penetration. This includes side and head walls, pipes, chimneys, vents and other roof components. An old or improperly installed flashing detail will fail before the lifespan of the shingles is designed to, causing leaks in your home and costly repairs.

Age of Roof

The age of your current roof plays a large factor in whether you should consider repairing or replacing your current roof system. The average new construction shingle roof lasts much less than the specified warranty period in the United States. Unfortunately for many homeowners, the worst roof is their first roof. Having a qualified Louisville roofing estimator to your home or business to determine the extent of your damage is highly recommended. Issues can be repaired quickly while an estimator assists with budgeting for a replacement on an older roof, or repairs can be made to further extend the life expectancy of your current roof system.

Can I Repair or Should I Replace My Roof?

There are multiple items that play a factor in whether your roof needs repairs or a replacement. The most common are the severity of the roofing issue, the age of the roof, and the overall condition of the roof. When a roof reaches the end of its serviceable lifespan issues begins to arise more often. While a couple of missing shingles is a simple repair, replacing missing shingles three to four times a year leaves your home vulnerable to leaks and damage and increases repair costs. On the other hand, small leak issues such as vent pipe boots are a common roof maintenance item and can easily be repaired to extend the life expectancy of your roof system. These issues should be determined by a roofing professional whom you trust. Solving a homeowner’s roof leak is our specialty. From minor repairs to major replacements, our Louisville roofing firm is well versed in providing you permanent, affordable options that eliminate your issues.

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