Commercial Roof Infrared Inspections

Commercial Infrared Inspections

Water infiltration on a commercial roof is often undetectable from the interior of the building. This can cause major problems to the integrity of the roof and insulation beneath it. Leaks can be caused by poor roof design, ponding water, improper installation, material failure, and lack of maintenance. Undetected leaks will cause the following problems for a building owner:
        1. Energy loss due to damaged insulation.
        2. Damage to the structural components of the roof such as the roof deck and fasteners.
        3. Increased weight on the roof due to wet components.
        4. Premature roof failure.
Infrared inspection

An Infrared Inspection is a non destructive testing method performed to ensure that a roof system is water tight. Annual Infrared Inspections of insulated roofs can extend roof life and enhance the performance of the system by detecting water infiltration. The inspections can be used for both quality assurance or for preventive maintenance. Since Deer Park Roofing is a full service roofing company, the data we obtain in an infrared inspection can be verified though destructive testing and the necessary repairs can be performed by our company.

How is an Infrared Roof Inspection Performed?
On a mostly sunny day, a roof system is exposed to solar radiation. Roof areas containing dry insulation reflect solar radiation. Wet or damaged insulation will absorb radiation and store heat from the sun. (It is worth noting that wet insulation in most cases will take longer than ten years to dry out.) As the roof system begins to cool after sunset, the areas with wet insulation are easily detected by a thermal imager. One of our Certified Infrared Thermographers will usually begin a thermal inspection shortly before sunset.
Commercial Infrared inspection
Deer Park Roofing’s Infrared Inspection Programs are beneficial to a building owner in several ways. A building manager can expect at least a four-dollar return on investment for every dollar spent on an Infrared Roof Inspection. Some of the many benefits are listed below:
      1. Damaged areas can be pinpointed and repaired before system failure occurs.
      2. Damage to structural roof components can be prevented.
      3. The efficiency of roof maintenance is increased and roof repair costs are decreased.
      4. Unscheduled downtime, equipment damage, and product losses can be avoided.
      5. Energy Savings can be achieved by finding damaged insulation and air leaks.
      6. Insurance Premium savings may be available.
      7. Roof areas needing design improvements can be addressed.
      8. Destructive testing only occurs in areas identified during a thermal inspection.
      9. Safety is increased by reducing the chance of a catastrophic roof failure.
      10. Roof life can be extended by as much as 100%.
Infrared Roof Inspections are highly recommended for quality assurance of newly constructed buildings and should always be performed before purchasing a building containing an insulated roof system.
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