Infrared Inspections for Energy Loss

Infrared Inspections for Energy Loss

Deer Park Roofing, Inc. performs Infrared Inspections throughout greater Cincinnati. Infrared inspections for the purpose of heat loss can be performed on both residential and commercial buildings. Our certified thermographers provide customers with detailed inspection reports that can lead to substantial energy savings. In some cases, we can perform the needed repairs to correct the deficiencies within the building envelope.
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A building owner or homeowner can benefit from an Infrared Energy Loss Inspection in the following ways:
  • The condition of the insulation can be assessed without destructive testing.
  • Water infiltration, which damages the performance of insulation, into the walls or attic is easily detectible.
  • Infrared inspections can identify areas where insulation is improperly installed or missing.
  • The sources of air infiltration can be identified.
  • Infrared inspections can be used for the purpose of quality assurance of a new home or commercial building.
  • Property owners can save money by being able to pinpoint areas needed to repair and make energy-efficient improvements.
  • Insulated roof systems and low slope roofs can be inspected for both energy loss and condition assessment. See the Commercial Roofing section of our website for more information.
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An Energy Audit performed on this hot Cincinnati day reveals an uninsulated attic door. The heat from the attic is able to enter the living space causing an increase in the cooling load of this house.
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Wet insulation has a lower resistance to heat than dry insulation and is easily detectable during an Infrared Inspection. Resistance to heat is commonly referred to as R-Value.
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Many “Cape Cod” style homes are difficult to insulate and ventilate. This photo shows the temperatures reaching almost 90 degrees on the 2nd floor of this home. Anyone who has ever lived in a “Cape Cod” style house understands how uncomfortable the living conditions can be. We offer solutions to problems arising from this type of construction in our roofing solutions section.
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Energy Audits detect the most common problems with insulated systems, including improper design, defective construction, and material failure. Infrared inspections can also reveal problems such as mold contamination and pest infestation.
Call 513-891-9151 to speak with a certified infrared thermographer or request inspection pricing online.
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